Dear Tom, What is Brazilian Blowout?

In this post, Tei Salon owner, Tom Innomorato answers a client’s question about Brazilian Blowout in her “Dear Tom” letter.

Dear Tom, I have frizzy, curly unmanageable hair. I’ve heard of the Brazilian Blowout. Can you give me a better understanding of what it will do for my hair?  Signed, Curly Locks

Brazilian Blowout Before and AfterDear Curly Locks,

I have lots of experience with relaxing and straightening hair. I have found that the Brazilian Blowout is by far much kinder on the hair than the traditional Thyo-based chemical service, which changes the structure of the inside of the hair, leaving it weak and fragile. First of all, hair that is curly, frizzy, and unmanageable is usually rough to the touch – the outside cuticle standing wide-open like old shingles on a roof.  A Brazilian Blowout is keratin-based. The keratin attaches to the outside rough layer of the hair, smoothing and compacting it all down, leaving the hair “smooth, shiny, and stronger.”

If you decide to give it a go, not only will it cut down on your dry time, but you will be able to step out into the humidity without a problem. Hope that is helpful.


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