What should I do about my flyaway hair?

In this post, Tei Salon owner, Tom Innamorato, solves a frequent hair complaint we hear at the salon during winter months.

Dear Tom,

It’s winter and the most challenging time of the year for my texture hair. My hair is fine, dry, extremely flyaway and hard to control. When I use cream rinse it disappears. HELP! Any suggestions?

Fine One

Dear Fine One,
Half of the world has the same challenge, but the genius people at Research and Development at L’oreal Professionel have the answer!

There are three concerns of fine hair:

  • The small diameter
  • Quickly absorbs oil on the scalp
  • Dry and fragile

L'Oreal Professionel's Volumetry line of hair products are great for people with dry, fine, flyaway hairVOLUMETRY (A L’oreal Professionel product) has tri-phase technology that addresses all three concerns.
1. Intra-cylane which densifies
2. Salicylic acid which cleanses
3. Hydralight which hydrates fine hair without weight

I know this is very technical however if you come into the salon we can do a treatment and send you home with Volumetry shampoo and spray to add volume.

This is my prescription for fine, dry, flyaway hair.


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